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When you want a seat on the plane, not the whole plane.

Fractional Salesforce Administrators for growing organizations



Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

Staff Augmentation & Upskilling

Give exhausted staff a breather and fend off burnout and turnover.

Get help with tasks your admins can't yet do with supplemental documentation and training

Reporting and, Data Analysis

Get more actionable data out of Salesforce.  Tie Salesforce data to external data sources.  Automate reporting tasks.

Process Analysis and Optimization

Find bottelnecks, identify failure points, automate or eliminate inefficient or unnecessary work. . 



Serious expertise

We've been building databases since the 1980's, software since the 1990's, massively efficient teams since the 2000's and bringing that expertise to small and medium businesses, including non-profits since 2011.

We love making teams and organizations more effective by streamlining or eliminating grunt work and letting your teams concentrate on applying your special magic to your customers' problems.

Whether you need:

  • help to get a project over the finish line,

  • backup for that employee who needs extended leave to help an aging parent,

  • or a top-down review of your team and its processes leading to a technical roadmap for Salesforce improvements,

Feechware LLC can help you get a leg up without hobbling your bank account. 

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